Get Your Heart Racing: Conquer Salt Lake City's Epic Hiking Trails!

Get Your Heart Racing: Conquer Salt Lake City's Epic Hiking Trails!

Yo, adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers, if you're craving the ultimate outdoor rush, Salt Lake City's got your back! Forget the ordinary, because we're diving headfirst into the heart-pounding world of hiking. The trails around here are off the charts, and Jakobi's here to guide you through the most thrilling hikes near Salt Lake City. Buckle up and let's hit the trails!

Neff's Canyon: Where Thrill Meets Beauty

Neffs Canyon, Salt Lake City, Ut

First up, Neff's Canyon—a hidden gem that's a dog's best friend. This trail kicks off from an upscale neighborhood and quickly turns into an epic dirt path leading to cooler heights. You'll cross streams, ascend, and finally hit a meadow with an alpine vibe that's pure adrenaline. Push it to the limit and reach that wildflower meadow—it's a reward that'll make your heart race!

  • Distance: Up to 3.5 miles each way
  • Intensity: Moderate

Mount Olympus: Conquer the Summit

Mount Olympus, Salt Lake City, UT

For the daredevils among us, Mount Olympus is the name of the game. This beast towers 4,000 feet over the city and offers panoramic views that'll leave you breathless. The trail's steep, mostly unshaded, and a real challenge in the summer heat—but that sunrise view is worth it. It's dog-friendly, but watch out for your four-legged buddy on hot days.

  • Distance: 3.75 miles from trailhead to summit
  • Intensity: Challenging

Bell's Canyon: Nature's Grandeur

Bell's Canyon, Salt Lake City, UT

Bell's Canyon is a granite-studded wonderland with dramatic vistas at every turn. As you hike, a picturesque stream runs alongside, and at the two-mile mark, you'll find a jaw-dropping waterfall. But, adventurers, it doesn't stop there! Push yourself further, and you'll reach an upper reservoir nestled beneath Lone Peak's summit.

  • Distance: 2 miles to the waterfall, 3 miles to the reservoir
  • Intensity: Challenging

Bonneville Shoreline Trail: A Historic Rush


Bonneville Shoreline Trail, Salt Lake City, UT

Legend has it, Lake Bonneville once filled this valley. Today, its ancient shoreline forms the baseline for an epic hundred-mile trail. Rolling and ambling from north to south, you've got tons of trailheads to choose from. Our favorite? Start by the Hogle Zoo and hike northward for a few miles of pure, historic adrenaline!

  • Distance: Extensive—pick your distance
  • Intensity: Easy

Grandeur Peak: For the Adventurous Souls

Grandeur Peak, Salt Lake City, UT

Grandeur Peak, located between Parley's Canyon and Millcreek Canyon, gives you two epic ways to conquer it. The hard way starts at the northern end of Wasatch Boulevard, gradually ascending along the Bonneville Shoreline trail. The easier option begins at Church Fork in Millcreek Canyon, offering a longer but less steep route. No matter which path you choose, you'll reach the summit for some serious sunset views!

  • Distance: 2.5-3 miles from trailhead to summit
  • Intensity: Moderate to Challenging

Ensign Peak: Quick and Scenic

Ensign Peak, Salt Lake City, UT

Ensign Peak is your quick fix for a scenic adrenaline rush. It overlooks downtown and Capitol Hill and, while shorter, still offers killer views. Locals hit this trail for a quick lunchtime adventure, and it's kid-friendly too. Get in, get the view, and get your heart racing!

  • Distance: Less than a mile each way
  • Intensity: Easy, with a bit of an uphill kicker

Trails in the Canyons Above Town: Reach New Heights

While city trails are rad, the canyons above Salt Lake City are where the real action is. Check out these hikes that'll take you to new heights:

Lake Blanche: Mother Nature's Majesty

Lake Blanche UT

Lake Blanche, starting halfway up Big Cottonwood Canyon, is straight-up majestic. A hardcore three-mile uphill journey brings you to a lake surrounded by epic peaks. Take your time, soak in the beauty, and get your camera ready for all those jaw-dropping photos!

  • Distance: Three miles to the lake
  • Intensity: Moderate

Red Pine Lake: Alpine Wonder

Red Pine Utah

Little Cottonwood Canyon brings you to an alpine wonderland—Red Pine Lake. This gem shares its trailhead with White Pine Lake, but the two forks split a mile up. Go right, follow Red Pine for another two and a half miles, and prepare for pure magic at the top. Pack a picnic, explore the lakeside loop, and get ready for a wild time!

  • Distance: About three and a half miles to the lake
  • Intensity: Moderate

Grizzly Gulch: Cool Mountain Escape

Grizzly Gulch Utah

Grizzly Gulch, up in Little Cottonwood Canyon, is your escape from the valley's heat. Park near the end of the paved Cottonwood Canyon Road and hit the well-traveled Grizzly Gulch trail. A couple of miles later, you'll reach a pass between Little Cottonwood and Big Cottonwood Canyons. It's the perfect spot to soak in the serene vibes.

  • Distance: Two miles from the parking lot to the pass
  • Intensity: Easy to moderate

Lake Mary, Martha, and Catherine: Family Adventure

Lake Mary Utah

At the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, the Lake Mary, Martha, and Catherine trail offers a short and sweet family-friendly adventure. Starting from the Brighton Ski Resort lot, follow the signs to Lake Mary. Two miles later, you'll be greeted by Lake Mary's beauty, wildflowers, and maybe even some local moose. Got the energy? Push on a few more miles to visit lakes Martha and Catherine. It's a family adventure you won't forget!

  • Distance: Two miles to the lake
  • Intensity: Easy

Time to Fuel Your Adventure!

That's a wrap on Salt Lake City's most heart-pounding hiking trails. Grab your gear, your buddies, and your thirst for adventure—Jakobi's got your back. Get out there, conquer these trails, and let your heart race in the great outdoors! 💪🏞️

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