About Us

At Jakobi,  we believe that your outerwear should be just as functional as it is stylish. That's why we created the Outdoorsy AF hoodie—to give you one piece of clothing that can go from the gym to the office, from a hike to a concert, and from a bike ride to a night out.

We were inspired by our own need for something that could do it all: lightweight, packable, warm, water/wind and stain resistant. After searching for fabrics and different fills for months on end, we finally found something that had huge potential. So we went out and field tested it in every environment imaginable—from mountain biking to skiing to hiking to camping and fishing.

We're proud to say that after many days of testing out this hoodie in all sorts of conditions, we did it! Not only is this hoodie able to take on all of the elements, it's also functional and pretty damn good looking.